Brown Dust Tier List Explained – 2020 Update

    Welcome to the list of brown dust levels! Here you will find the general rank of 5-star mercenaries, divided into four different levels: Legendary, Epic, Good, and Fair. We hope this list of levels helps you decide which mercenaries to invest in and which not.

    Legendary level


    Lucius Brown is one of the toughest mercenaries in the Dust because he is almost impossible to kill and he is the best tank to earn it at the top of our rankings. In addition to a large health pool, Lucius can be healed whenever he encounters an opponent (Soul Strike, which also reduces Lucius’ attack) and whenever he is damaged by an enemy (masochism). Most importantly, even if he is killed, Lucius is immediately restored, activating the Death Guard, which has a long life and gives an ambiguity to the next four attacks.


    Rifitia can get instant relief from her friends, by assigning her glutes, removing all debugging, reducing attack, critique rate, and damage, within a 9-tile radius. All this makes her the best support mercenary in Brown Dust and earns her a place in the Legendary Rank of our rankings.


    Beliat can support its allies by increasing the critical rate and losing a little. However, his true strength lies in his skeletal skill in the deal, which resurrects a friend who dies as a skeleton, he gets a death guard for the next four hits and explodes after death, causing considerable damage to them. All in all, for the dead team members, during the course of the skill, perhaps to win the Mow of Defeat and earn a legendary place on the list of low levels of Brown Dust, Beliat is the perfect intention to create the most effective meat armor.


    Angelica is very difficult for a warrior, due to the constant cursed barrier, which significantly reduces all the damage and the statistics of the attacking units. In addition, Angelica’s basic damage is very large and can be further aggravated by Lethal Impact, which deals with a percentage of the bonus loss based on HP Enemy. In other words, the bigger HP’s goal, the bigger Angelica’s loss. To overcome that, she also has Debufs immunity and tops the Brown Dust list.


    Arkan is a very reserved mercenary, he is not afraid of attacks and gets a huge defensive buffer at the beginning of the match (Holy Armor), but his defense gradually weakens with each turn of the game. On the offensive side, Arkansk can inflict significant damage with a qualified armored attack increasing, increasing the value of its attacks to 100% based on its overall defensive reinforcement. This means that in the first two or three rounds of the match Arkansas was one of the best mercenaries on the brown dust, but his defense and offense would slowly weaken as the battle continued.


    Venaka is a great rental, it increases the attacks and critical damage to all allies on 5 tiles, but heals a small percentage of their health at every turn. In addition, the ability to strengthen their friends increases (support increases) whenever a friend dies. After reviewing his skills, we can confirm that Venaka excels in long matches with PVE, allowing him to keep his team level and at full power (or almost) while slowly crushing enemies.


    Levia’s demon, Summia, can do enormous damage to the only primary target, its loss of bonus is proportional to the enemy HP. The skill affects the mutual targets (in the center of the primary target), inflicts minimal damage, but is usually enough to kill them immediately. On top of that, Samon Demon (before attacking her) gives Levia a big but fast boost. In addition, Levia is immune to attacks, curses opponents who attack her by lowering her figures, and heals herself using the technique of masochism whenever she is damaged. Overall, it has strong “nuclear” expertise,

    Epic tire

    Alec gets a permanent bonus for his attack due to his bloody anger skill. Most importantly, his bonus flawless strike deals with a permanent loss, which ignores most defenses. So, it is also very effective against opponents with 100% protection (arkan, for example), and this skill (if improved) will heal even whenever Alex kills. Enemy. In addition, the sophisticated Wright increases its significant loss when its HP is less than 99%. Alex Stones is also immune to the allure, silence and other offensive effects of the intervention, making him a legend on the list of low levels of Brown Dust.


    Azmod is the only mercenary who weakens and damages enemies. He can reduce their defenses, steal buffalo and inflict damage equal to a certain percentage.


    Granthalder has a very interesting skill called DeWF reflection, which, as you think, reflects all the flaws of the enemy that attacked him. Granhilder also minimizes all incoming losses and increases its damage in proportion to one percent of the enemy’s health. Granhilder, with his high pool with HP, can curse all enemies, forcing him to attack for the duration of the event (10 turns). This skill can save several more allies in stealth and draw a shot of enemy spells from your main team. That’s why Granfield is so high on the list of brown dust levels.


    Nortas weakens before attacking enemies and inflicts great damage on them, in a straight line, mastering his Ultimate Strike skill, increasing his defense by many turns. To overcome that, he has immunity from Debuf and is on the legendary range on our list of Brown Dust tires.


    Defender Sair who inflicts deadly pain on every mercenary who attacks him. The suffering that causes death can cause serious damage to the enemy when it expires or is eliminated and more than doubles if a sergeant dies. If the enemy dies as a result of a fatal blow, Seir gets a significant boost in defense for a few turns. Moreover, with a death toll of 9+, she also curses the enemies that attack her, reducing all their statistics except health. Cyrus also has immunity to all of DeWoof’s skills and masochism, allowing him to heal whenever an enemy attack. Finally, she also entertains any enemies, forcing them to attack her for 10 turns. Thanks to his interesting skills, Cyrus climbed to second place in the top ranks of our list.


    Waltz increases her critical rate due to her Bloody Bash skill (heals even when upgraded) and Fatal Fury. However, she also removes all the buffalo from her targets before attacking, at the same time getting a guard, which saves her from 1 attack and has 2 turns. Because she is a very good nuclear arc, she is one of the top characters on the list of brown dust levels.


    Prosperity started the Energy Guard before the war, which greatly increased the chances of survival of all allies in the 9-tile area. Welfare damage increases based on two factors, the number of target vulnerabilities and the total number of graves on the battlefield. The higher the number of mercenaries (both you and your opponent) who die, the greater the damage to well-being. Welfare also gets a huge boost in defense before attacking. The combination of protective spells and strong offensive abilities puts her at the top of the list of brown dust levels.


    It all has a furious attack, which deals with the loss of bonuses determined by ignoring too many defenses. Therefore, it is also very effective against opponents with 100% protection (for example, Arcon). This skill (if improved) will heal Everything even when it kills the enemy. Enemy. Everything can counterattack (fire counter) and suffer damage during burning, and can even ignite up to 5 turns. In addition, before the battle, Everything increases its agility and reduces damage (Speed ​​skill). He is immune to all attack intervention skills. He earned his place among the mercenaries at the top of this list.


    First of all, Aaron Holly has a counter-reflex skill that is activated before the start of the battle and reflects all the damage done to the attackers (and gives him a critical rate bonus if upgraded), which is low and high health. Aaron attack heals every time after a first aid attack and minimizes damage with advanced first aid technique. Alec can raise his critical rate before attacking. He has a blasphemous technique that forces all enemies to attack for a certain number of turns. Alec has a lot of hit points,

    Good level

    High-ranking mercenaries can still excel in some teams, but not as good as those at the epic or legendary level on this list.

    Fair level

    Mercenaries at the fair level are strong and able to perform their role, but they need to be replaced by more powerful mercenaries when they become available.

    We hope you enjoy our list of common brown dust levels and found the information you are looking for. Please feel free to comment as we greatly appreciate any feedback from our readers.

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