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    POKEMON characters

    Pokémon started as an RPG video game, but its great success managed to go beyond the small screen with an animated series for children and even its story ended up being taken to the cinema. Merchandising has done the rest, creating clothing and even card games featuring its main characters.

    POKEMON character names

    As you may already know, pokémon are creatures that were created from real animals or certain mythological or legendary creatures. All of them are captured through small devices known as Poké Ball.

    The truth is that there are 18 different types of pokémon. Since its creation, new characters have been added, which are classified according to their abilities: water, fire, ice, poison, earth, electric, flying pokémon, etc.

    From here we are going to mention the most important characters in the Pokémon universe. The best-known Pokémon is Pikachu and then there are the coaches, as good or bad avatars, who are part of the vicissitudes of the game. The interesting thing is to notice their personalities through the anime fiction that has been created around them Read more

    Ash Ketchum

    • Ash Ketchum is the supreme protagonist of Pokémon. As a good trainer, he always appears before the tireless search for new pokémon that are part of his team. His initial Pokémon is Pikachu with whom he travels and travels the different regions of the world with the aim of obtaining all the gym medals he needs to participate in a Pokémon League. On his way he will meet many friends and also enemies like the famous Team Rocket that we will talk about later. These follow him everywhere to catch Pikachu and entrust it to his boss. Ash’s goal is clear: to become one of the best Pokémon masters in the world. His adventures start from Pueblo Paleta, gaining the experience he needs to improve his combat strategies


    • Pikachu is Ash’s first Pokémon. At first, Pikachu did not obey his coach. I had no respect for him being an inexperienced instructor. In fact, he did not hesitate to use his downloads against him. However, Ash saved Pikachu on one occasion, being willing to sacrifice himself for him and to become his best friend. His electrical powers are very powerful and highly desired by other trainers. 


    • Brock hails from Silver City and is one of Ash’s best friends. He is an exceptional Pokémon breeder and was the leader of his city’s gym. This character takes good care of his friends and cares for them when they are sick. In the animated series, Brock is seen as a kind of Don Juan who tries to captivate every girl who crosses his path, with whom he always falls madly in love. The funniest thing is that it is not usually reciprocated. Brock is one of Ash’s great allies and has accompanied him almost from the beginning. Try to give him good advice about battles, in addition to raising pokémon. He is also a splendid cook and, whenever he can, show off his skills on the stove.


    • Misty is another of the most outstanding gym leaders and a good friend of Ash and Brock. She comes from Ciudad Celeste and is a magnificent trainer of water pokémon. In the anime series, the young woman meets Ash in the first chapter, when she saves his life with Pikachu. From that moment on, Misty will accompany Ash on all his adventures. She is a very kind and loving girl, although she tends to get irritated very often. Her intelligence and character have saved her friends from quite difficult situations and she is confident in the potential of her water pokémon and her attitudes as a trainer. The truth is that he has a devotion to all the pokémon creatures, although he has a certain dislike for the bug type.

    Team rocket

    • The Team Rocket or Team Rocket are the bad, terrible of the Pokémon saga. Its purposes are criminal and its sole objective is to earn money. They are dedicated to stealing and capturing pokemon full time, using all sorts of ploys to keep creatures from other trainers to sell later. His boss wants to make a collection with the most powerful pokémon and uses his “Rocket Soldiers” to achieve his ends: Jessie, James, and Meowth, a pokémon that shares certain similarities with a cat. Jessie and James are the two clan members who never tire of stealing. In the series of drawings, they usually appear constantly trying to steal Pikachu. To do so, they do not hesitate to disguise themselves and use different means of transport such as a submarine and a hot air balloon that they use to flee. 

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