D&D 5th Edition Ritual Spells – Guide

    Ritual spells are the greatest source for the utility of the spells and creating the value of the creature in the 5th edition of the D&D role-playing game. With the help of ritual, you can cast any spell without consuming any spell slot. This will take 10 extra minutes to cast the spell with a ritual tag.

    Ritual Spell

    Ritual spells are those spells that are cast with the state of ritual Xanathar’s Guide To Everything PDF. These spells are different from a normal spell. Ritual spells take 10 minutes more time to cast but it doesn’t expand any spell slot. This will lead to ritual spells that can never be cast at a higher level. It is just a tag that saves the use of a spell slot to cast a spell.

    Restrictions of ritual spells

    Basically, it attains 5 restrictions that you have to follow to apply any spell with a ritual tag

    • Only those classes can cast ritual spells who know all their spells but can use a few of them only like clerics.
    • The character must attain material components for spellcasting.
    • The character must have 10 gold pieces to use ritual spells
    • Characters must concentrate on the casting of ritual spells.
    • Warlock can’t cast ritual spells.



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